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“Most of us uses gemstone and healing products as the fashion wear, but I wanted to add values to them by providing the information about certain ways of wearing gemstones and healing products. Each product have their unique and certain ways to wear which can benefit them while they wear as fashion accessories. 

:- Jay Rao -:

Concept of Metarya
Metarya, The meaning of Metarya is nature and it is also said that it was the name of the famous pupil of Mahavira. Considering that Name we want to establish our 3rd generation business of processing and trading Agate in Khambhat [A small town in Gujarat Coastal line]

Agate is a wonderful gemstone for balancing the mind, body and spirit as well as helping you to slow down and center your self. It transform negative energy into positive energy.

Cambay for Agate
Since 1965 we are trading and manufacturing Gemstone and Healing Products in the small town of the state of Gujarat, Khambhat. It was once an important trading center, but its harbor gradually silted up, the maritime trade moved to Mumbai. Khambhat lies on an alluvial plain at the north end of the Gulf of Khambhat noted for the extreme rise and fall of its tides, which can vary as much as thirty feet in the vicinity of Khambhat. Many of the population are into Agate business, stone cutting and polishing, Agate Carving, and many other craft and healing items.

Metarya the Brand is the creation of Jay Rao, who believes in consistency and quality with the focused mindset of providing Gemstones and Healing products to the world. He has a great experience of selling Gemstone and Healing products over the eCommerce platforms with the brand name Gemstone Factory as well as exporting to various countries, U.S.A, Canada, Australia, and others but with a strong vision and meaning to its word,  he wants to establish a new brand name “METARYA”

Metarya is dedicately focused on its eCommerce Channel and Social Media platform for its customer to make sure to provide them instant delivery and most authenticated gemstones and healing products with a instruction and guidance about how to wear them as well as:

  • Best price available in the market
  • Sourced directly from the native resources
  • Highest quality available in the market
  • Each products are handpicked and some of them are very exclusive

Our Future Goal
We run our business with very simple and strong Goal to provide the original authenticated Gemstones and Healing products and that’s the way we want to get recognition by providing the professional experience of purchasing fashion, gemstone and healing products. 

Our Products and Market
We are dedicatedly working for gemstones and heating products as we can see there is a larger number of consumers who invest in healing products as home decor and fashion accessories. There are many platforms are available for various customers and many of them claimed to be 100% authentic products. At Metarya Quality is utmostly focused as well as its authenticity.

Market and Expansion
The global demand for gemstone and healing products are significantly increasing as there are many of us purchasing gemstones and healing products for fashion and decorative purposes. Many designers are more vertically involved in the growth of the gemstone market as they more and more prefer to use them in their fashion collections and articles. Gemstone shares a wide range of scope of application in the jewellery section as it is more variable to use gemstones in making fashion jewellery which is less cost-effective and easy to resource and manufacture at the same time.

We at Metarya considers to be the market player in the Gemstone and Healing product industry by manufacturing and trading in the wholesale and retail market as well as from our unique website with an explanation of each product and its wear and tear methods.

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